The Tiffin Project in Vancouver – Exciting News!

As I opened this weeks Straight on the way to work I was thrilled to see that Hunter Moyes has taken on an ambitious project.  Hunter has launched what he is calling the ‘Tiffin Project’, and it is a wonderful idea.

The idea is to promote bringing your own take out container, and in turn you will save a bit of money on your favorite take out.  You can read the article here, and we will try to stay on top of developments from the ‘Tiffin Project’.  Looks like you can get your very own Tiffin at Harvest Union, and I know you can get them from our good friends at ‘The Soap Dispensary’

Bringing your own containers when you take out is a simple and very effective way to cut waste, and certainly cuts back on plastic.  Tiffins, reusable mugs and glasses, and reusable cutlery are all simple steps that reduce waste!

The Thrill of the Hunt (?)

I won’t lie, shopping plastic free can be challenging.  Last night Sarah and I had a conversation about the differences in our shopping habits.  She feels as though I try hard to purchase all the things we did before starting life without plastic.  Sarah’s approach is quite different – she has just accepted there are things that are really hard to get without plastic, and has managed to cut them out of her life (or make delicious homemade versions – mayonnaise and crackers come top of mind) .

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Welcome to the New Year!

I hate to admit it, but as the clock struck midnight and the new year began Sarah and I were in bed, listening to our neighbours hooting and hollering, lighting fireworks and celebrating.  Yes for us it was an uneventful but very relaxing New Years Eve, no huge plans and thus no big let downs (as in New Years’ past).

Yes, it was uneventful but as the calendar changed so to does our life.  Sarah and I (Matthew) have decided to live 2012 without any new plastics!  I can tell you that I am nervous, excited, and really anxious to get the project on the road.

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