The Six Month Review

It’s hard to believe we have made it 6 months in this experiment of plastic free living.  The time has flown by, and what once seemed so extreme has now become simple habit and routine.  This is good, and it feels like we have grown a lot – we have certainly learned a tonne.  However, because things have become so routine, we find it hard to share our story with others.  I don’t want to say we have become complacent, but we rarely ever discuss the project with friends and family (probably good for their sanity), and we have yet to achieve many of the lofty goals we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

But at the six-month mark, I am proud to say we have come a long way, and if I can say we have done extremely well!  We have certainly collected a small amount of plastic (picture to come, I left my camera at work) – but when I think back to the old life, the life we used to live, it’s easy to see how far we have come.  I honestly think the amount of plastic we have collected to this point would be consumed by our old selves in two weeks time – if not less.  We have progressed to the point where we produce one itsy (compostable plastic) garbage bag a month, which in my mind is simply amazing – it feels like we are inches away from zero waste, literally inches. Continue reading


The Thrill of the Hunt (?)

I won’t lie, shopping plastic free can be challenging.  Last night Sarah and I had a conversation about the differences in our shopping habits.  She feels as though I try hard to purchase all the things we did before starting life without plastic.  Sarah’s approach is quite different – she has just accepted there are things that are really hard to get without plastic, and has managed to cut them out of her life (or make delicious homemade versions – mayonnaise and crackers come top of mind) .

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Waste is Driving Me Nuts!

Its official – only 24 days into the project and I have become a crazy person. I see a plastic bag and I cringe, I see a take out cup and I almost snap.  I am a little worried that ‘almost’ snap will soon turn to ‘that time that I snapped’.  I mean its only 24 days in – I am honestly not sure if I can make it the additional 341 days without losing my mind on some innocent bag holder or take-out cup user. Continue reading

Mustard – Yes Please!

So I was browsing today at Drive Organics – great store with a great bulk section – and I cam across this thing of beauty:

Condiments have been hard to come by, they all seem to have a plastic lid, or a metal cap with a plastic liner, but not this guy.  It has a latch top with a real rubber seal! very exciting.

The first thing that came to mind here (and really when I thought of our North American facination with over-plastic-ing things) is our obsession with ‘food safety’.  Now truthfully, I am glad we have strong standards with some things, but really do we need to put a plastic seal on EVERY food item in the store.

I was worried I would open the latch, flip the lid and see a plastic seal, and lucky for us that wasn’t the case.  In case you were wondering – its a product of France!

La Parfait indeed! (that’s what the jar says if you can’t read it).

It’s (sorta) milk!

If you haven’t seen our tweets (why aren’t you following us on Twitter yet?), you may not know that Sarah and I have been ‘struggling’ without milk products.  I put struggling in quotes because neither of us are huge milk drinkers, but we each feel there are one or two things that just don’t taste the same without milk.

For me, that one thing is oatmeal.  I am an oatmeal fiend, I could (and for the most part do) eat oatmeal from breakfast every day and be happy with life.  But it just doesn’t taste the same without milk.

For Sarah that thing is coffee (and tea).  Sarah is half British, and as such she certainly likes her sugar and milk with a splash of tea (or coffee).  For her these items just aren’t the same without milk. Continue reading

Welcome to the New Year!

I hate to admit it, but as the clock struck midnight and the new year began Sarah and I were in bed, listening to our neighbours hooting and hollering, lighting fireworks and celebrating.  Yes for us it was an uneventful but very relaxing New Years Eve, no huge plans and thus no big let downs (as in New Years’ past).

Yes, it was uneventful but as the calendar changed so to does our life.  Sarah and I (Matthew) have decided to live 2012 without any new plastics!  I can tell you that I am nervous, excited, and really anxious to get the project on the road.

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