It’s (sorta) milk!

If you haven’t seen our tweets (why aren’t you following us on Twitter yet?), you may not know that Sarah and I have been ‘struggling’ without milk products.  I put struggling in quotes because neither of us are huge milk drinkers, but we each feel there are one or two things that just don’t taste the same without milk.

For me, that one thing is oatmeal.  I am an oatmeal fiend, I could (and for the most part do) eat oatmeal from breakfast every day and be happy with life.  But it just doesn’t taste the same without milk.

For Sarah that thing is coffee (and tea).  Sarah is half British, and as such she certainly likes her sugar and milk with a splash of tea (or coffee).  For her these items just aren’t the same without milk.The thing about milk is that even though it can be found in a glass jug it still has an annoying plastic top – something that is a no-no this year.  We have brainstormed hard on what to do about milk.  My thought was to get some goats milk from a Goats Milk Dairy, and we will do that soon, but it was suggested to us by a couple of folks to give almond milk a try.

And I didn’t want to just try almond milk, I wanted to have a vegan dairy tasting extravaganza (if that word can be used to describe the making of TWO different vegan friendly beverages).  And so it was on Saturday night I set to making both Almond Milk and Rice Milk.

I will preface my further thoughts by saying that I was overwhelmed when I thought of making milk.  In my mind this seemed like a monumental task, but I promise you like anything else we have done it was EASY! like just really simple, I was amazed.  You have to try to do it, you can find the recipes here, spend the 15 minutes it takes and make it happen, you will be surprised how easy and tasty they both are!

So after 15 minutes in the kitchen, a bit of waiting (3 hrs for the rice milk, 8 hrs for the almond milk), and some blending we had it made.  I was surprised how much milk you could get from such a small amount of raw product!  Here is a quick photo I took of the milk:

The almond milk was my favorite.  Though it wasn’t as thick as the rice milk it was super refreshing, I think a better name would be almond water, though it is a little thicker than plain ol’ water.  With 1 cup of almonds I managed to get a litre of milk (not a bad return, I got my almonds at the East End Food Coop, and the price per litre is about $2.35 – not too shabby).  I sweetened the almond milk with a touch of agave nectar to stick with the vegan theme.  Because the almonds aren’t cooked, just soaked this is great for all ya raw foodies out there!

The almond milk went great on my oatmeal, but it wasn’t so great for Sarah’s tea, it seems to ‘curdle’, it tasted fine, just looked kinda yucky.

The rice milk was almost just as good.  It is certainly thicker than the almond milk, more true to the actual texture of milk.  I didn’t find it quite as refreshing as the almond milk, and it wasn’t my favorite just for straight up drinking (though I have had a couple of glasses).  It did much better is the coffee/tea, and did well on my oatmeal as well.  The rice milk is certainly inexpensive as well.  1 cup of brown rice made just over 2L of milk.  The rice was in our cupboard, so I don’t know the exact cost per litre, but I imagine it to be less than $1.00!

Anyways, I have blabbed enough about milk.  Again, find the recipes, make the milk, save some dollars and enjoy plastic free ‘milk’ products (just make sure you get your raw ingredients in bulk!).  I have also linked to a great video on the nut milk – way better than anything I could doEnjoy making your own milk, it’s awesome and way easier than doing this!


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