Plastic Out and Plastic In

Plastic Out, Plastic In

The time has come, new plastic has found its way into our lives.  We knew it would happen, what were the chances of making it through an entire year without slipping up, without making some sort of mistake.

If you had money riding on it (and I know you did) it was I, Matthew John Forbes Stuart that made the (first) great plastic blunder.

Plastic is a tricky little devil, and it got me in two ways yesterday.  It was on a visit to our favorite seafood shop to get some fish for dinner.  I was careful, the clerk was ready to bag my herring in plastic and I asked instead for it to be put in his butcher paper like the snapper he had already wrapped.  As he put the fish on the counter I noticed he had sealed the paper with scotch tape (sneaky, sneaky), and with that our plastic free streak had ended at 13 days – that’s right, our plastic free stretch ended on Friday the 13th of January.

But my bad luck did not end there, upon unwrapping our snapper I noticed a sheen on our butcher paper brighter than that of most wax coatings.  After giving the paper the rip-test (the easiest way to find plastic in the wild) we discovered the paper was plastic coated.  And so it was that on Friday the 13th of January I added a haul to our sin bin – not only two strips of scotch tape, but two large pieces of butcher paper.  I was unlucky, I assumed the paper would be fine, shame on me.

It felt horrible knowing that I had brought in the first plastic of the year.  Worse still I was on such a high as I came home.  I had made a stop by the thrift store while waiting for the bus, and I found an awesome stainless steel kettle for $3 there.  It was our first plastic alternative of the year and I was pumped.  And so it goes, some plastic out, some plastic in.

It feels as though this will be the story of our year.  Despite the best of intentions and all the plastic alternatives we hope to accumulate we are sure to make some mistakes, plastic will sneak in, and we will feel bad.

But we will learn our lessons – lesson #1 bring wax paper with you to the fish store if you hope to avoid plastic – and maybe some masking tape too!


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