One week down…

So we have finished our very first week of plastic free living, and we are happy to say we haven’t accumulated any new plastics at all! It hasn’t been easy, we have gotten some odd looks from folks at the store when we ask for things to be wrapped in wax paper – no sticker please!

I’m encouraged though because for the most part people are excited about the project and are more than happy to get on board. It really gets people thinking about plastics. It reminds me of when I used to be a barista, first I was discouraged to see people take their drinks into to go cups, but then it becomes so routine you don’t even notice anymore. To me that’s what plastic has become, routine, and anything we can do to snap people out of their plastic routine is great!

It has been a lot of fun too. Shopping turns into an adventure, we talk to staff, we are really interacting with the folks at every store we go into and its great. My favorite moment of the week is when I ground our bulk coffee into one of our mesh bags. The coffee didn’t pour out of the bag, but it did leak when it hit something. The cashier ended up with coffee on her hands, and on the till, but she laughed it off, ‘at least it smells really nice’ she said!

Sarah has done some great work as well. She was excited to tell her students about the project, and it turns out they were excited too. They promptly asked the cafe under their studio to switch to paper instead of plastic packaging, and they happily obliged! Seriously, how amazing is that, I’m so proud of her and her students!

We also added a new page to the blog where we will post plastic free recipes for everything we make. So far we have made dishwasher detergent and laundry powder, both work like a charm, they are plastic free, and they are huge money savers! Please check back often, we made a trip to the library today and Sarah got a bunch of homemade makeup instructables, she is quite keen to share. As for me, trying to be manly, I took out a bunch of homebrew books – plastic free beer here we come (hopefully), I am also keen to share!

In closing, I want to say thank you on behalf of Sarah and myself for all of the support we have received this week. Keep ’em coming, we need the motivation, also we think you are all pretty swell too.


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