Welcome to the New Year!

I hate to admit it, but as the clock struck midnight and the new year began Sarah and I were in bed, listening to our neighbours hooting and hollering, lighting fireworks and celebrating.  Yes for us it was an uneventful but very relaxing New Years Eve, no huge plans and thus no big let downs (as in New Years’ past).

Yes, it was uneventful but as the calendar changed so to does our life.  Sarah and I (Matthew) have decided to live 2012 without any new plastics!  I can tell you that I am nervous, excited, and really anxious to get the project on the road.

Our rest paid off as today we have been readying ourselves for the great plastic purge.  It started this morning, we went through the bathroom, the kitchen really the whole house to purge some plastics and take inventory on the rest.  We will post our ‘rules’ soon, but suffice it to say we haven’t purged all plastics from our house.

We have hmm’d and hah’d all day about how we should proceed in our year without plastic.  Does this mean we should purge ourselves of EVERYTHING plastic, truly try to live plastic free?  The short answer for us was no.  We didn’t feel right throwing away plastics only to buy something else to replace it.  So we have decided to keep some things, we will take inventory and over the course of the year will try to replace most if not all of it.

But we have purged a lot, we will be ridding ourselves of all ‘single use’ plastics, cleaners, shampoos, deodorants, vegetables with plastic stickers, beer (yes beer, unless it is capless, I hope we can find some capless beer), and gone even are our toothbrushes and that toothpaste in a plastic tube.

This we will be replacing, we made a trip to a local biz – The Soap Dispensary – yesterday to get shampoo, vinegar, baking soda and dish soap in some mason jars, we got us some wooden toothbrushes and some toothy tabs in a box (with an annoying plastic sticker on the box), and we will be making most of our cleaning supplies – as I am writing this I am doing laundry with our homemade laundry detergent.

This blog will chronicle our plastic free life.  Sarah and I have some lofty goals, we hope to teach our friends and family skills to live plastic free, and hope to speak to schools, farmers markets, restaurants and whoever will listen about going plastic free.  No doubt we will struggle, that’s part of the fun, but here is hoping we come out the other end in tact and with some revelations for a better life without plastic.

So hello 2012, and so long plastic! We wish you all of the best in the New Year, and we will speak soon! (so long as you follow us…).


Sarah and Matthew


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  1. Hey Sarah and Matthew! What I think you guys are doing is so awesome, interesting, fun, challenging and perfect for the new year! I wish you tonnes of success and outpouring of support. It is great to see local activism 🙂

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