The Tiffin Project in Vancouver – Exciting News!

As I opened this weeks Straight on the way to work I was thrilled to see that Hunter Moyes has taken on an ambitious project.  Hunter has launched what he is calling the ‘Tiffin Project’, and it is a wonderful idea.

The idea is to promote bringing your own take out container, and in turn you will save a bit of money on your favorite take out.  You can read the article here, and we will try to stay on top of developments from the ‘Tiffin Project’.  Looks like you can get your very own Tiffin at Harvest Union, and I know you can get them from our good friends at ‘The Soap Dispensary’

Bringing your own containers when you take out is a simple and very effective way to cut waste, and certainly cuts back on plastic.  Tiffins, reusable mugs and glasses, and reusable cutlery are all simple steps that reduce waste!

Make your own Toothpaste (Suprisingly Yummy!)

When we started the project there were few things we feared more then the day our toothpaste would run out.  Well, it didn’t take long, and after a bit of tinkering we have come up with a winning toothpaste recipe that is both fairly tasty, and healthy for teeth and gums.  A couple of notes on the toothpaste:

1. Toothpaste is perhaps a misnomer, it is more of a tooth solid, you will need to scoop it out with a spoon (very important – do not use your toothbrush, our friends at the local dentist office said it can lead to nasty bacterial build-up).

2. The toothpaste isn’t foamy like the stuff from the tube, but it leaves your mouth feeling really clean, and the cinnamon gives it a nice taste.

3. We use some essential oils to make your mouth feel fresh.  We sourced out some organic essential oils, but the are not meant for internal use, so as tasty as the toothpaste is, it won’t make for a good snack – please do not eat the toothpaste.

You can find the recipe on our blog here, and check out our video below!  Please let us know how you like it, and feel free to experiment, we would love to hear the flavor combinations you come up with!

This ‘Daily GOOD’ made my day

I love the ‘Daily GOOD’ – a daily email that always makes me smile with great ideas coming in from around the world (you too can sign up here).

This particular GOOD thing really made me smile, its all about edible packaging!  What a wonderful idea.  Imagine if your tomato sauce came in a tomato shaped package that you could eat, and it tastes like tomato, or yogurt in a delicious granola laced casing.

Its all because of WikiCells, an ingenious project by folks at artscience labs.

Now I am no expert, but this seems like a brilliant solution to the packaging issues we face here in North America.  Please read more via the Daily GOOD, or check out the WikiCell Homepage.

The Six Month Review

It’s hard to believe we have made it 6 months in this experiment of plastic free living.  The time has flown by, and what once seemed so extreme has now become simple habit and routine.  This is good, and it feels like we have grown a lot – we have certainly learned a tonne.  However, because things have become so routine, we find it hard to share our story with others.  I don’t want to say we have become complacent, but we rarely ever discuss the project with friends and family (probably good for their sanity), and we have yet to achieve many of the lofty goals we set out for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

But at the six-month mark, I am proud to say we have come a long way, and if I can say we have done extremely well!  We have certainly collected a small amount of plastic (picture to come, I left my camera at work) – but when I think back to the old life, the life we used to live, it’s easy to see how far we have come.  I honestly think the amount of plastic we have collected to this point would be consumed by our old selves in two weeks time – if not less.  We have progressed to the point where we produce one itsy (compostable plastic) garbage bag a month, which in my mind is simply amazing – it feels like we are inches away from zero waste, literally inches. Continue reading

The Thrill of the Hunt (?)

I won’t lie, shopping plastic free can be challenging.  Last night Sarah and I had a conversation about the differences in our shopping habits.  She feels as though I try hard to purchase all the things we did before starting life without plastic.  Sarah’s approach is quite different – she has just accepted there are things that are really hard to get without plastic, and has managed to cut them out of her life (or make delicious homemade versions – mayonnaise and crackers come top of mind) .

Continue reading

Plastic Emergency

I have been meaning to post a blog in this vein for the past week, but I kept dreaming about how it could be more impactful, how I could really make people feel the weight of the problem we are facing… I have lightened up a bit on that and have decided to go with what I first wrote, I’m sorry we have been away for two weeks, many more stories and fun stuff to come but for now: Continue reading

Waste is Driving Me Nuts!

Its official – only 24 days into the project and I have become a crazy person. I see a plastic bag and I cringe, I see a take out cup and I almost snap.  I am a little worried that ‘almost’ snap will soon turn to ‘that time that I snapped’.  I mean its only 24 days in – I am honestly not sure if I can make it the additional 341 days without losing my mind on some innocent bag holder or take-out cup user. Continue reading

Mustard – Yes Please!

So I was browsing today at Drive Organics – great store with a great bulk section – and I cam across this thing of beauty:

Condiments have been hard to come by, they all seem to have a plastic lid, or a metal cap with a plastic liner, but not this guy.  It has a latch top with a real rubber seal! very exciting.

The first thing that came to mind here (and really when I thought of our North American facination with over-plastic-ing things) is our obsession with ‘food safety’.  Now truthfully, I am glad we have strong standards with some things, but really do we need to put a plastic seal on EVERY food item in the store.

I was worried I would open the latch, flip the lid and see a plastic seal, and lucky for us that wasn’t the case.  In case you were wondering – its a product of France!

La Parfait indeed! (that’s what the jar says if you can’t read it).